Going Green

Over the past 12+ years we have saved tens of millions of devices from landfill and given devices a new lease of life, but we know we can do more. We are taking the first steps in the industry to actively replace product lines with reclaimed parts. Wherever possible, we're replacing stock lines with genuine parts removed from devices that were destined to worrying levels of e-waste.

This puts genuine parts in consumers hands, while also reducing your e-waste footprint. Those genuine parts are backed by our excellent support and, in most cases, an unlimited lifetime warranty. Where reclaimed parts are not viable, we are offering alternatives that are responsibly sourced for both the longevity of the part and from trusted sources with excellent and conscious manufacturing capabilities.

Our efforts to reduce waste and remain sustainable

  • Reclaimed

    “Reclaimed” means that we have sourced, removed, tested and cleaned the part. In most cases, and where applicable, we have re-applied adhesives and shielding to ensure the part looks as new and fresh as possible.

    By purchasing a reclaimed part, you are helping reduce e-waste while also obtaining a genuine replacement part that has been tested and offered with our full technical support and, in most cases, Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Authorised

    We are working with a growing number of OEM’s and manufacturers. Any “Authorised” part we sell comes from authorised supply channels and we have authorisation from the manufacturer to offer the parts for sale.

    Like “Service Pack” parts these are the same high quality parts that the manufacturers and authorised repair partners use in warranty repairs.

  • ReplaceBase

    We offer several lines that we have either developed ourselves or worked with partners to source and develop.

    Any ReplaceBase branded product will be the very best quality available with sustainable and consistent results, often exceeding the specifications found on the ageing OEM products. Our branded products are backed by our industry leading warranties.

  • Best Available Quality (BAQ)

    In the ever changing landscape of the industry its hard to identify and highlight each individual part origin so we developed BAQ – Best Available Quality.

    We have a dedicated team of sources based in the UK and Asia who invest a great deal of time and effort to locate the best quality parts as close to genuine as possible.

    Where multiple qualities of any product are available, we will always select the best, aiming for the tried and tested part that has the same specification as the original component. Any part we sell as BAQ will be the best new part we can source, only being matched by “Authorised”, Service Pack and Original items.

    Any BAQ battery supplied will be backed up with CE test certificates, any part that would have ordinarily had a logo (like Samsung battery covers or Sony screens) will be supplied without the logos to ensure that trademarks are respected and complied with.

    Rest assured, any BAQ parts ordered from ReplaceBase will be backed up with the best aftersales service and, in most cases, our industry leading Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Partner

    Any partner we work with, parts, tools or consumables adhere to high standard in product quality, safety and sustainability, aiding and helping to progress the industry to keep devices running longer and assisting the repair industry.

    Partners are carefully selected for innovative and progressive movement within the industry as well as compliance with product safety and workplace practise.

  • Refurbished

    This part is refurbished, which means that it's been repaired or had components replaced. Any repair or replacement components will have been to the manufacturers standards. We back up our refurbished parts in most cases with our Unlimited Lifetime Warranty and will always result in a top quality end product.

  • Value Edition (VE)

    Value Edition parts are an essential part of the industry, especially to end users. Sometimes its simply not economical to fit an original part or high-grade aftermarket replacement part.

    When sourcing parts under our BAQ (Best Available Quality) we often come across high quality parts that function well and get the job done to a good standard with a significant price difference. When this happens, we often offer these for sale alongside other qualities. They may not quite function as well as the genuine or BAQ part (for example the screens may be slightly less bright/vivid or charging ports may not support fast charging) but they will offer great value for money and get you back up and running on a budget and covered under our industry leading warranty.

  • Service Pack

    “Service Pack” parts are replacement parts that come directly from authorised repair centres, they are the exact parts used by the manufacturer when warranty work is being carried out and will be a like for like replacement for your failed component.